Lawyer, Performer, Writer, Actor

I'm very proud to be a be a member of the Maurice Blackburn team, working as a personal injury lawyer representing injured workers. 

As for comedy?  Well, I'm pretty much a full-time lawyer now, having completed my Juris Doctor in 2015 and being admitted to practice in 2017.  I still do the occasional corporate emcee job but my passion is the law, social justice, and fighting for what is right.

My book, Lessons In Letting Go: Confessions of a Hoarder is still available (although I will eternally regret using the word 'hoarder' in the title!)

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Marie Claire declared it "This Month's Must Read" and described it as:  "A fabulous, fun, chatty read with heart." 

Melinda Houston, Sunday Age says: "She makes it all seem absolutely effortless. For any writer, that's the most difficult challenge of all, and it's one Grant rises to with understated style."